Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wah Lay

Put this in the category of posts that should of happened two months ago- I finally got around to downloading Wale's The Mixtape about Nothing and I haven't stop listening to it since. Far too much in there to write about so I will suggest that in the off chance you don't already have it, get it now! Especially if you love Kanye but feel his cleverness (or his ghostwriters') far outshines his delivery and it always leaves you a bit disappointed (as it does me). The Kramer, his song about the Michael Richards incident is particularly brilliant; Wale manages to tackle the subject and the n-word deftly while avoiding the usual trappings. A mixtape themed around Seinfeld with Bun B, Pusha T, Lil Wayne, and Chris Partlow (Wale's cousin) shout outs is already aces but Wale's verses alone are extraordinary.
Wale - The Mixtape about Nothing (2008) Part 1. Part 2.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Twins. Prayers. Rejoice.

To mark this special day, I put a few songs together about twins, children, prayers, and overall rejoice! Its a pretty standard dmp affair; the usual suspects are represented (clipse, ac, dp's) and some personal 'oldies' came out of hiding (manitoba, solvent). To say some if it is twee is an understatement but I suppose that is only fitting. Here is the intended song order. Once in iTunes they will probably be out of order (sorry) so may be adjust the track numbers, but feel free to enjoy it however you see fit!

Prayers for Twins
1. we all together - children
2. manitoba - kids you'll move mountains
3. velvet underground - i'm sticking with you
4. dirty projectors - two young sheeps
5. animal collective - we tigers
6. clipse - young boy
7. solvent - tonka truck
8. the people's victory orchestra and chorus - children's anthem (let us sing a love song)
9. odetta - this little light of mine
10. malvina reynolds - love is something (the magic penny)
11. free design - lullaby
12. this heat - sleep

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest (1965-66) Pt. 1

In the mid 1960's Pete Seeger hosted a low budget television program, Rainbow Quest, in which he invited various blues, folk, and old-time musicians to perform. The Johnny Cash appearance gets a lot of play, but it is the performances by Elizabeth Cotton, Reverend Gary Davis, and Mississippi John Hurt that are absolute treasurers. While this is truly a singular moment in American history, my hope is that we will soon see Kanye West's Rainbow Quest with a similarly low budget. Don't sleep!

Mississippi John Hurt You Got to Walk that Lonesome Valley

Reverend Gary Davis
Oh Glory, How Happy I Am (With two young Hippies watching, Donovan & Shawn Phillips. The song doesn't get going until a few minutes in, but don't miss it. )

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Easy Rider

Elizabeth Cotton Freight Train