Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I See No Changes...?

Democratic Nomination fever is seriously off the frame; both thrilling and slightly confounding. I actually wish I was in Texas right now enjoying it all first hand. While the debate last night was generally more of the same, Obama being asked about Louis Farrakhan was some seriously racist shit (certainly a white male candidate would never get asked about an endorsement from a noted white racist). Hillary could of stepped up and pointed that out in her response but instead decided to go along with such offensive logic and affirm the general premise by intensifying the attack.

I have a great deal of conflicted feelings about this election. While I have had lengthy 'discussions' with HFTD about his enthusiasm for Obama, I do feel he is the best candidate and desperately want him to be elected. And I really love what LauraG wrote Here. Still I think the hype around him is somewhat unfounded. I guess I feel that sadly in a 2-Party-first past the post-system, any candidate, no matter how much worthy community organizing and civil rights work they have done, will inherently be too compromised by the institution and political machinery by the time they are actually elected. In other words the differences between the two parties as a whole outweigh the differences between any individual party candidates.

Or as is so often noted on The Wire "This game is rigged"

"And although it seems heaven sent
We ain't ready to see a Black President
It ain't a secret, don't conceal the fact
The penitentiary's packed, and its filled with blacks."
>2Pac Changes (1998)

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