Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vision. Creation. Newsun

No frontin', life's sweetest pleasures are the most obvious and simple ones. As such, forgive me for speaking to two of them - Gorgeous weather and the music of the Boredoms.

If you are reading this you are most likely in the New York area and know what an absolutely perfect day it was yesterday; Bright bright sun and clear clear blue skies. While I have been talking about Spring a lot I believe yesterday was the first legitimate Spring day (Today being the second). Totally obvious and totally pleasurable.

Its a rare and special occasion when an entire album perfectly captures the spirit of the day, and yesterday that happened with the Boredoms 1999 album Vision - Creation - Newsun. After going to lunch at Egg with Molly and Julia, and taking a leisurely walk in the sun long enough to have my face feel all warm, putting the record on and pouring over every sound was like swimming in an ocean of shamanic psychedelia with the threat of land nowhere in sight. (Even the album cover, above, captured what yesterday felt like)

Surely the Boredoms aren't obvious in any conventional sense, but singing their praises feels quite vogue given that right now every significant band is so influenced by them (Dan Deacon, Health, Aa, Japanther, et al.). This is no bad thing especially given that to my knowledge it is unprecedented. Totally obvious and totally pleasurable.

While I love the Super Roots series and Super AE, I think Vision - Creation - Newsun is perfection. The record is more accessible and the Amon Duul II and CAN influences really shine through but I think it is really the spatial qualities that I love. Some of the Super Roots series can feel limited in so far as each song is a constant burst of energy. While conceptually thrilling, it falls flat in practice. There is a lot to be said for build up, tension, and release as opposed to just orgasm after orgasm which some of their records can feel like.

Obvious simple ecstasy. Please. Thank you!

Should you want to feel like I do, Peep THIS for a copy.

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