Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hairdryer Peace, 2008

Lately it strikes me that language fails miserably when attempting to describe or muse on Noise/Psych music. From reading blogs and reviews, I can reach no other conclusion. All too often they are filled with cliches like "totally damaged" "psych bombs" "sonic noise fuck-fest" "pure headfuck" etc.

This might well be for the best. After all, psychedelia and the concurrent search for transcendental bliss inherent to noise music, is in many regards a rejection of modernity's adherence to logocentrism, historic linearity, rationalism, and individualism. The more meaningless the terms to describe the experience, the more important actually listening and experiencing is.

And let me be the first to admit, these meaningless cliches don't deter my interest. After being thoroughly inundated, I spend several weeks trying to track down a copy of The Hospitals new garage/noise 'album of the year' Hairdryer Peace, no easy task given that only 500 LPs were self pressed and sold out immediately. Last week I finally located a digital copy. In searching, my favorite description of the record came from a comment left on a blog - "They don't make acid strong enough for these jams. fuckin sick."

LSD or not, this record feels quite special, spectacular in fact. Rather than tell you how "ass blasting" it is, I will forsake language and post a few pictures related to the tracks. The more adventurous among you can obtain a copy HERE.
The Hospitals
A1 Hairdryer Peace
A2 Getting out of Bed
A6 Sour Hawaii
B2 Animals Act Natural
B7 Don't Die

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