Monday, December 22, 2008

New Years 2009

It's a New Years Mixtape! Strolling through the 2,900 or so songs I added to my iTunes this year in order to prepare this mix yielded some interesting surprises including; a renewed interest in American music or at least music sang in the English language (as opposed to Portuguese), a deeper focus on early American blues and mid 20th century Soul and Funk, as well as an overall obsession with the unending complexities and beauty of the human voice in song. A 'best of-year in review' is on the way wherein I will elaborate more but in the meantime please enjoy!

New Years 2009
1. amon duul II freak out requiem III
2. davy graham both sides now
3. flower travelin' band heaven and hell
4. flying lotus BNG GNG
5. black sabbath supernaut
6. joy & the hit kids run away
7. merry clayton country road
8. judson moore everybody push and pull
9. wale (w/bun b, pusha t) the feature heavy song
10. lil wayne phone home
11. scientist the voodoo curse*
12. nathanial mayer
dancing mood
13. the walker brothers i can't let that happen to you
14. roberta flack compared to what
15. brownie mcghee/sonny terry better day
16. the beach boys feeling flows
17. arthur russell close my eyes
18. shivkumar sharma, brijbushank kabra, haripreasad chaurasia bhoop ghara-dadra
19 doris i wish i knew

*big shout out to rude boy number one Augustus and the whole bushwick dub massive!

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