Wednesday, January 7, 2009

List of Lists 2008

Its absurd on so many levels, but I love nothing more than best of lists. While none of them describe the elusive listening experience, but rather 'albums' here are some noteworthy lists. Mine is on the way soon (although I shouldn't inadvertently built it up as it is somewhat predictable).

Experimental Etc.'s (aka my current favorite blog) Top 12 of 2008

We Are Up For Sale's 20 of 2008

Cocaine Blunts' Best Rap of 2008 & Top 10 Mixtapes

Root Blog's Best of 2008

Incomplete Tales of Several Journey's Top 25 Albums of 2008

Other Music's 25 New Releases and Reissues (perhaps the list closest to my own tastes)

And most importantly The Wire's
2008 Rewind

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Liza Jane said...

Wow. I LOVE a good roll call of lists and you did an outstanding job at picking some hot ones. Cheers!