Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Cosmic Body, 1975

For our 1 year anniversary (June 22) Molly got me several incredible gifts, one of which was this bafflingly amazing book, The Cosmic Body: The Creative Evolution of Intelligent Energy by Peter Davis. Apparently she had to haggle quite a bit at Spoonbill & Sugartown as it was originally not priced. While mostly new age philosophy (and poetry), the visuals leave me speechless. Though I haven't fully read it, in my brief overview I can't help notice how much Deleuze & Guattari often mirror the ramblings of new age California hippies, or rather teachings of the "cosmic life energy tradition" as noted on the back of the book.


bs said...

This is the best!!!
"Cosmic Life Energy Tradition" should be the theme of the next Hit Book party!

Lorna said...

Is peter Davis still alive?

amanda jones said...

Does anybody know where I could get my own copy of this book?