Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great Moments in Dallas History

Tum Tum Caprice Muzik (2007)

Fila Fresh Crew Tuffest Man Alive (1988?)
This was the DOC's first group before he left Dallas behind for NWA, forever being considered a west coast rapper by the uninformed.

Nemesis Munchies for your Bass (1991)
This is a serious classic. Yes the lyrics and delivery are less than stellar but it still sounds amazing. I remember really loving the whole album as a kid and wish I still had my CD version.


bs said...

Finally had time to sit down and watch these.
They are great.
I totally didn't know that DOC/Fila Fresh Crew was from Dallas. My history lesson for the day.
Never heard the other two before but they are great as well.
Tum Tum has a sweet Caprice for sure.
It's funny to see 1991 low riders versus 2007 hi risers.

David Michael said...

Thanks Shorno!

Yeah its amazing how taken for granted it is that DOC is west coast, were I not from d-town I would probably assume the same.

I sorta wished I had talked more about brilliantly awkward bass/sex conflation in the Nemesis song but perhaps someday.